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Digitizing the Diagnosis of Neurological Disorders

Neurolign utilizes industry-leading eye-tracking technology and expertise in neuroscience to develop innovative products that aid in the diagnosis and monitoring of neurological injury and disease.

Research has shown that abnormal eye movements are correlated with over 200 diseases and medical conditions. Neurolign products provide precise, reliable, and highly sensitivity results that are intended to support the ability to diagnose, treat and monitor a variety of conditions over time.

Neurolign is constantly developing new diagnostic tools, discovering new variables, and helping researchers to profile new clinical indications, independently and in collaboration with major universities and government research laboratories.

“Diagnosing neurological disorders presents a significant challenge to health care systems globally, requiring further study, government and community engagement, and improvements in health care infrastructure.”

Prateek DwivediChief Development Officer

From Analog Neurological Exams …

Existing neurological exams can be subjective and highly dependent on the clinician with lower “analog” precision.

… To Digital Eye Tracking

Neurolign’s FDA-cleared measurement devices faciliate high-precision clinical eye tracking that is objective and repeatable.

DX Series Hardware

Neurolign is driven by an overarching ethos of accessibility – making sophisticated eye-tracking equipment and brain health detection technology a viable option for a greater number of organizations and institutions.

DX Series Software

Neurolign’s neuro-otologic analysis software (VEST™) offers a visual and easy to use interface. All NOTC and VNG tests are built into one software platform, eliminating the need for multiple software packages.

Key Features
  • Clinical utility with research level power to create protocols and custom tests
  • Clinical speed and ease of use for quick patient evaluation and accurate analysis
  • Real time binocular data and stimulus feedback including video image with no lag time
  • Easy to understand data reporting for patient files with normative ranges clearly designated for each test
  • Separate examiner and administration login with password protection

Clinical Test Menu

Neurolign’s Brain Health Assessment includes a comprehensive menu of oculomotor, cognitive, vestibular and reaction time tests, including tests not offered in other integrated systems such as vergence and reaction time. This includes a diversity of data-rich variables and analytics. The Neurolign Platform allows clinicians and researchers the ability to compare individual results over time and to benchmark against FDA cleared normative data.

A Quantum Shift in Brain Health and Wellness

Neurolign is on a mission to create a quantum shift in the clinical approach to neurodegenerative disease while simultaneously revolutionizing brain health and wellness.